Climate Migration: The Human Consequences of a Changing Climate

By Nuaim Mohamed Faiz
Climate Migration: The Human Consequences of a Changing Climate

Imagine you and your friends were working for a factory, and you earn a lot of money, and you don’t want to lose your job. But you couldn’t realize that what you are doing can cause you and everyone else to die, as in the world will fade away. No one would ever want that.

What Is Happening?

The climate is changing, and the risk is getting bigger. Day by day, lots and lots of smoke pollute the air. This will affect us more than anyone can possibly think. Climate change is the hugest threat to our health ever in existence.

The Risks Are...

Between the years 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250000 additional deaths per year from diseases malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress. This risk is even bigger and huger was children, women and elderly people.

This Can Cause…

Climate change is causing the air temperature to increase, causing ice in the Arctic and Antarctica to melt. This can lead to huge problems, which is that small countries surrounded by the ocean, just like the Maldives, can sink. Due to ocean temperature rising, hurricanes and tropical storms are getting stronger and wetter, which can cause death directly and indirectly. Fog is majorly included in climate change because it will affect our respiratory system hardly and is very huge, and it can also affect you mentally and physically. It can also lead to permanent diseases.

Is it Not Safe to Eat Now?

Climate change is making food un-eatable and contaminating the available water sources, and we all know that we can’t live without food and water. When we eat these foods, we will get food poison, and we get sick, and we can’t recover that easily, Drinking contaminated water will definitely lead to illness as well.

Our Earth Becomes Sad…

Let’s Stop This!

With the world's climate changing, you will have to say goodbye to your lifelong dreams and to the ones you love the most. The only way to stop this climate madness is by only working together, making huge sacrifices and stepping up to yourself and others, meaning that every single person living in the world needs to take action.

How Can We Stop This?

You can stop this madness by taking huge and also small actions. Flipping a switch can save millions of lives. With that, there are plenty of ways we could stop climate change, like Using renewable energy, using battery-cycles, and bicycles.

You Can Do This Too!

You can also invent something that can save us. For example, you can create a very awesome invention that uses renewable energy to get speed and power, and you can even design that invention any way you want. You could make it look cool and daring just by using renewable resources.

Bye, Fossil Fuels!

This means saying goodbye to using fossil fuels, keeping the power on, and using trucks and motorcycles that use gas, but you can transform these things nicer using renewable resources.


In conclusion, we should all be aware of climate change, and we should all step up and stop this madness before everything fades away like an ice cube on your table. Let’s all work together to successfully stop this and have everything perfect.

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Nuaim Mohamed Faiz is a tech loving 12 year old boy who studies in Noonu Atoll Education Centre, He likes to read, play games and sometimes doodle. He is a hard worker who believes that anyone can accomplish anything if they overcome their fears and work hard.

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