What is this journal about?

This is a forum through which youngsters (aged between 7 and 17 years) can publish their writing. Such written work can include their own research on a topic, their views and thoughts on topics of their interest. Hence the topics and the written work can be diverse and varied. Thus, we accept and publish articles relating to any discipline written by kids as long as they are original and informative.  

Can I write about any topic?

Yes, you can. However, it is important you ensure that your submission would be informative and interesting for others to read. This is a forum through which you can communicate your ideas, thoughts and findings to like-minded people of your age.

What is the process of getting articles published in theCircle Composition?

theCircle Composition is a peer-reviewed journal. This means upon submission of your article it will be first checked by a member of the editorial board. If the quality of the article is sufficient, then it is passed to a number of young reviewers. Based on the independent reviews, an editor can make the decision whether to accept the article for publication or not. An accepted article will only be published if the author makes the necessary changes suggested by the reviewers.

Will it be hard to get my article published in theCircle Composition?

It depends on the quality of your article and how the reviewers feel about it. As long as the topic is interesting and the article is written well you should stand a good chance of getting it published. Note, we cannot guarantee your article can be published in the journal.

Can I copy ideas and material from the internet for my article?

Absolutely not. Your article should be original meaning it should be written by you. Images copied from the internet or elsewhere are also not acceptable. If your article requires images, you should either draw them yourself or use your own digital images. All articles submitted will be checked for plagiarism.

How long should my article be?

Our suggested length for the article is around 300 words. You should include images to illustrate your writing. You should also check your English and grammar thoroughly before submitting your article. It is advisable that you read some of the articles already published in the journal which should give you an idea of the format and length we expect.

Can I publish more than one article in theCircle Composition?

Yes, this is possible. Each submission is dealt with separately. Each submission will go through the standard checks and peer-review before it can be accepted for publication.  

What is the benefit of getting an article published in theCircle Composition?

theCircle Composition is an international forum for young people to help communicate and exchange knowledge. As such, it is a marvellous opportunity for you to share your thoughts, ideas and findings with other like-minded individuals around the world. Getting a peer-reviewed article published at a young age adds significant value to your profile and to your curriculum vitae (CV).

How do I contact you?

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email us at publish@theCircleComposition.org