Renewable Resources: The Endless Potential to Sustainable Energy Sources!

By Ahmik Aayan Afeef
Renewable Resources: The Endless Potential to Sustainable Energy Sources!

Renewable resources is such a simple topic although it holds the utmost importance to the survival of us humans and the environment we live in. Right now, we are going down a road which is not benefitting the Earth and people take it for granted, yet it is the cold, bitter truth.

To put it simply, renewable resources are those that can be naturally replaced or replenished over a short period of time such as wind energy or solar energy and usually have a low to zero carbon footprint. As of today, around 30% of the World's energy comes from these renewable resources and is the fastest-growing energy source. It has numerous uses such as electricity generation, transportation and temperature management.

You may be wondering where the other 70% of energy in the world comes from, well three words: Non-Renewable Energy. These are the energy sources that can't be replenished and greatly accounts for an immense disaster which is hanging, figuratively and literally, above our heads. I'm talking about Global Warming. Global warming is the steady increase of temperature on Earth, occurring due to greenhouse gasses that are released into the Earth's atmosphere, preventing heat from escaping into space. One of the major effects is that the polar ice caps are melting, which is leading to rising sea levels. It is said that coastal countries and cities are to be underwater by 2050 if the ice caps keep on melting at this rate.

Preventing this catastrophe is only possible if every single person on Earth does their part, which is reducing the use of things which further harm our environment. For example, walking or using a bicycle to get to places which aren't far away instead of using a motorcycle or car to get there. These small actions have huge impacts and it all counts towards protecting our Earth.

Taking everything into account, if all of us do our part, no matter how large or how small, we can protect the planet which we call home and work towards a brighter future.


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Ahmik is a student studying in Male' who enjoys spending time with friends and family. He also enjoys reading stories, skateboarding, and anything & everything to do with the ocean.

Ahmik Aayan Afeef

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