The Great Wonders of Machine Learning

By Kaisa Ahmed Hamzoon, Aminath Faiha Fazeel, Ahmed Shaaif Shareef, Faalih Shakir and Alsan Sobah Saleem
The Great Wonders of Machine Learning

With the great wonders of Machine Learning and its abilities, along with its downhills, this article will definitely give you a whole new perspective and will wake you up in the world of Machine Learning.


Imagine yourself working as a shopkeeper. Two armed men in masks come and threaten you to give all the money. Unless you are a superhuman like Superman or Batman, it’s doubtlessly impossible for you to save your life and money. One of them shot a gun in the air. So, you gave them money in fear. As soon as they escaped, you reported it to the police. They start the investigation. You can see that they use the help of technology and machine learning to investigate and identify the suspects. That is a real-life example of how ML can come to the rescue! This article will encompass more about machine learning.

About machine learning

Machine learning is a discipline of artificial intelligence that provides machines with the ability to automatically learn from data and past experiences while identifying patterns to make predictions with minimal human intervention. Machine learning methods enable computers to operate autonomously without explicit programming. The applications are fed with new data, and they can independently learn, grow, develop, and adapt. Machine learning derives insightful information from large volumes of data by leveraging algorithms to identify patterns and learn in an iterative process. Its algorithms use computation methods to learn directly from data instead of relying on any predetermined equation that may serve as a model.

Importance of machine learning

Today's world is extremely fast-paced, and decision-making is becoming more complex every day. Businesses must truly understand their clients' liking and trending products in order to promote items that meet their expectations, and the faster they do so, the more successful they will be. Companies are using AI-based solutions to collect data on customers in order to not only understand what they want but also to predict their behaviour. Due to the growing volume of data handled, machine learning technology often increases efficiency and accuracy. These machines can analyze data in ways that no human can.

Different types of machine learning

To teach a machine to learn and make predictions, detect patterns, or classify data, a lot of data must be presented to it. The type of machine learning is determined by the algorithm, which functions somewhat differently. Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning are the three different types of machine learning. Several commercial goals, such as sales forecasting, inventory optimization, and fraud detection, can be accomplished by supervised learning. In the meantime, unsupervised machine learning is frequently used to build a model that associates objects based on specified features. Reinforcement machine learning is capable of observing and interpreting its surroundings, acting, and picking up new skills through error.


Like every coin has two sides or two faces, machine learning has advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s take a look at its advantages. Firstly, and most importantly, it is a scope of advancement, improvement and development. We can’t reach the infinite level of birth to new opportunities and ideas. This is doubtlessly a great gateway of new job opportunities to explore and reconstruct the sectors of the world. In addition, this also creates chances to showcase technical skills and talent along with more areas to work. Furthermore, machine learning is more accurate and efficient with more data fed to it and gives the best predictions and opinions according to experience.


As there are uphills and downhills in life, the use of AI and machine learning has its flaws. Taking a deep look at the disadvantages of this concept, the amount of data required for this type of activity is massive and requires inclusive and unbiased data of good quality. There are also times when we have to wait for new data to be generated. Machine learning is also highly exposed to errors. By any chance, if the data is not inclusive or biased, the result of the whole thing would be biased at least somewhat. Furthermore, machine learning requires the ability to accurately interpret results generated by the algorithms. It also requires massive resources to function. In conclusion, machine learning, too, has its peaks and falls.


All in all, machine learning is an immensely important and interesting type of artificial intelligence that makes software applications make more accurate and precise predictions. With it being merged with pros and cons, it can either be a burden or helpful to humanity.


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Kaisa Ahmed Hamzoon - Rehendhi school, Maldives.

Aminath Faiha Fazeel - Dharumavantha School, Maldives.

Ahmed Shaaif Shareef - Dh. Atoll School, Maldives.

Faalih Shakir - Jamaluddin School, Maldives.

Alsan Sobah Saleem - Ahmadhiyya International School, Grade 8

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