Extinction: Our Downfall

By Aminath Libaa Shahid
Extinction: Our Downfall

What is extinction, well it is when a species is when a species is no longer present in the world. You may be wondering why we care about extinction. Let us dive into the deep ocean and look at its deeper aspects.

Well, extinction can cause many hardships for us humans and other species as well. This is caused by many reasons, like when the habitats of animals are destroyed for agriculture, urbanization, and deforestation, and this is also caused by other factors like climate change, pollution and hunting of species by humans.

Extinction leads to our biodiversity being severely affected as the food chain is broken if even one prey or predator goes extinct. Not only that, we can also lose our main source of medicine, which is flora and fauna. We can see that 80% of the destruction of Amazon will have many consequences as it is a main source of oxygen and a source of our medicine.

The first step to prevent extinction is to learn more about the species in your community and in the world. We should also reduce the use of plastics and products that are harmful to animals and products made from animals like fur. Then one of the most important things we can do is protect the habitats of our precious animal species that are in danger.

Before it is too late, we should start to help the species that are still in this world by organizing funds and helping organizations that want to help create a better environment for the species. We should create a better environment for us and other species.






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Aminath Libaa Shahid is a 14-year-old who is an ambitious girl. She lives in a world of creativity and imagination. Though she wants to be normal, she tends to be distinguishable from others. She is a girl living in Male, Maldives, hoping to travel and explore certain parts of the world. She enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music. She loves K-pop and dreams of attending a concert, as her number one passion is singing. She also has a dream of playing volleyball as she watches an anime about it, which she also loves. She also loves to try new things though she halfway loses her interest.

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