Waste Management: A Critical Component of a Sustainable Future

By Sarah Shakeeb
Waste Management: A Critical Component of a Sustainable Future

Once upon a time, a time on earth when the earth was clean, when there was less pollution, and when it was a place Humans didn’t litter everywhere. One day, when plastic was becoming more used, humans started littering everywhere- lakes, parks, streets, and beaches. As a result, it started affecting the environment. The affected Environment was caused by humans and led to a catastrophe.

Luckily, we found a solution for this issue- The Waste Management. In the United States, the concept of waste management emerged. Since then, we have been using waste management to manage to this day to make sure we have a sustainable life and a future.

You are probably wondering, what is waste management? Well, waste management is a strategy to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Additionally, to prevent waste.And to save our environment from getting affected.

How does waste management work? Waste management works when we manage our waste by recycling. When we recycle waste, we are making huge progress in protecting the environment from getting affected.

You might be thinking, why is waste management so important? The answer is simple. Waste management saves our environment from the toxic effects of waste.

Now you know what waste management is, and how it works. Our environment is getting affected day by day due to the mismanagement of waste. Waste management is important, especially when it comes to our environment. This information is very important to use it wisely. I am not asking you to go all on about waste management. Spread the word! Give advice! And have a nice life!




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Sarah Shakeeb is 12 years old, and is a participant in the Leaders of Tomorrow program by the Ugail Foundation. Sarah's hobby is swimming. And it's her favourite sport to do. Sarah loves learning and has a dream of becoming a doctor one day.