Ozone Layer Depletion: A Hole in the Sky and Our Defenses

By Maryam Alveena Ali
Ozone Layer Depletion: A Hole in the Sky and Our Defenses
The place where the arrow is pointing is Antarctica 

Did you know that the Ozone Layer is on track to full recovery? It’s amazing! But have you ever wondered, ‘Why did it have a “hole” in the first place?’. Let me take you on an adventure through the Ozone Layer.

The Ozone Layer is a “belt” around the earth in the stratosphere, made up of molecules called ‘Ozone’. Ozone comprises 3 oxygen molecules. The Ozone Layer protects us by absorbing 2 types of UV radiation from the sun. UV-B and UV-C. UV-B Is responsible for causing sunburns, and UV-C is known for causing skin damage.

In 1985, scientists discovered a massive loss in the ozone right over Antarctica. 40% of the layer had disappeared. And it was getting worse every year. In 1986, DR. Susan Solomon, an Atmospheric Scientist, and a few other scientists flew to Antarctica to investigate the cause of the Ozone Hole. After running a few tests,

They all came to one conclusion; ChloroFluoroCarbons. Or, CFCs. When CFCs float to the stratosphere, the sun breaks them down to Chlorine. The chlorine binds with the Ozone and separates the molecules making Chlorine Monoxide. Then, the loose oxygen atoms bump out the Chlorine and cause a chain reaction.

In 1987, Ozone levels had dropped by 50%. Such scientists like Dr Solomon held press conferences to alert the public. And the Ozone began showing up in Movies and TV shows. And so, the Montreal Protocol made it official. Every country signed the protocol in due course, making it the only universal treaty to agree to. Since then, Ozone depleting substances such as HFCs, CFCs, and Methyl Bromide consumption have Plummeted. And today, The ozone layer is now Shrinking. By 2065, The Ozone Layer is expected to heal Completely.

We have been on an adventure through the Ozone Layer. We know why it has a hole in it, and We have found ways to fix it!







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Maryam Alveena Ali is 12 years old and part of the Leaders of Tomorrow program. She is from Malé, Maldives. She has written a composition about Ozone layer depletion. Alveena goes to Majeediyya school. She is in grade 6 and has the ambition to become an astronaut. Her hobbies include drawing, collecting bottlecaps, painting, and Reading.

Maryam Alveena Ali

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