By Ahmed Alaal Rasheed

Overfishing is a critical issue that occurs when fishing activities exceed the capacity of fish populations to reproduce themselves. It happens when fish are caught at a faster rate than they can reproduce. This causes a sudden decline in their numbers and reduces their ability to maintain a steady population.

It is basically hauling is unnecessary amounts of fish/marine life at once. When you catch too many fish at once, the breeding population becomes too depleted and needs a lot of time to recover.

Overfishing is a critical threat to marine ecosystems, as well as to people who depend on fishing for their income and food. When fish populations get depleted, it can lead to food webs being unbalanced, loss of biodiversity, and the collapse of fish populations. This can have permanent effects on marine ecosystems, as well as on the economic stability of fishing communities. Overfishing can greatly affect food security in developing countries that rely on fish for food.

There are many causes of overfishing. The most common causes are wasteful fishing techniques and fishing during the breeding season.

A lot of types of commercial fishing haul in unnecessary amounts of fish. The most common commercial type of overfishing is trawling, where a net is tied to the end of two boats and dragged through the water. Trawling also harms marine life, such as corals and sea turtles, as they may get stuck in the net.

Fishing during the breeding season can also have a lot of negative effects on fish populations. Many fish species become more vulnerable during the breeding season as they may be more focused on mating. During the breeding season, fish are engaged in behaviours such as spawning and nesting, which are critical to the existence of their species. Fishing during this time can disrupt these activities, potentially leading to a decline in their population.

In order to reduce the negative impacts of overfishing, it is crucial to regulate fishing practices, especially during the breeding season and promote sustainable management of fish populations. Along with this, we must also ban some types of commercial fishing methods, such as trawling, as it does great damage to the environment. In addition to this, we should also end illegal fishing and create nature reserves and make endangered species protected.


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