Sustainability: the pathway to a resilient future

By Muhammad Zahudhaan Fahumy
Sustainability: the pathway to a resilient future
Hand drawn image by Muhammad Zahudhaan Fahumy, 2023.

Hey friends, today I  am here to explain to you some about sustainability.Come on let's go on a little journey!

So what exactly is sustainability? Well it's quite simple it is the ability to maintain a process over time there are lots of types of sustainability. Sustainability in business,products & economy.

Why use sustainable products & so many other things to be sustainable. Well that is for the future,to save resources for them. If we use every thing available, what would the future be? It will be unfair for them in fact they are our children & our future we have to save resources for them, none of us want humans extinct(unless you want to be the last human on the planet) so we know sustainability is important.

Well well well how to be sustainable you ask well that's not a problem.Its simple,just be careful when shopping. You can try to go plastic free, not just in shopping but in other things like carrying around items in paper bags at home, at school or anywhere else. Especially while shopping pay attention to labels and read those labels that scream attention at you and also pay attention to the labels

When we aren't living in the most sustainable way..Well this is what a nightmare would look like .So, a nightmare, Humans are on the verge of extinction. No one can help them,  careless things have been done by past generations  (years later)humans don't exist any more the END HAS COME

So now you must know why sustainability is important. It helps save resources for later generations and the benefits it has to us. Eg: pollution levels decrease and less resources will be used. If we  reuse paper bags there will be no need to produce more bags every day. Hope you learnt something new.


Author Biography

Muhammad Zahudhaan Fahumy is 11 years old and is learning in the Leaders of Tomorrow Programme 2023 of theCircle by Ugail Foundation. He likes to read books and play football. When he grows up, he wants to be a firefighter. He likes to spend time with his family to enjoy.

Muhammad Zahudhaan Fahumy

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