The Mongols and Genghis Khan

by Mohamed Aryn Arif
The Mongols and Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, also known as Temujin as his real name, built the Mongol empire after his father was killed by his tribe. Temujin had to run away, while he did he made a tribe and recruited many people from the nomadic region. The Mongol empire was successful in war and was later ruled by Genghis Khan’s successor A-gedei. The empire split due to an argument on who shall rule the empire by the grandchildren. It split into 4 khanates and then fell one khanate by one.

Genghis Khan was the one who created the Mongol empire by uniting Northeast Asia’s nomadic tribes. He is known to be one of the most powerful rulers in history. He has killed millions and millions of people around the whole entire world. He became so powerful that he made the empire scatter all over the world. Before his death, Genghis Khan made A-gedei Khan his successor. Later the grandkids split the empire into khanates. Genghis Khan died in the war, defeating western Xia. By the emperor’s request, his important body was buried somewhere in modern day Mongolia.

In 1304 the three khanates of the western part of the globe temporarily accepted the nominal suzerainty of the yuan dynasty. But unfortunately, the Han Chinese Ming Dynasty took over the Mongol capital. The genghis rulers of the yuan dynasty withdrew to the homeland of the Mongolian empire and continued to rule there as the yuan dynasty of the north. The ilkhanate collapsed at the time of 133 and 1353. The golden horde had split it into competing khanates or empires by the end of the 15th century. All the khanates had been flung out of Russia in the year 1480 by the grand duchy of Moscow while Chagatai khanate lasted in one form or another until the year 1687.

Genghis Khan did a lot of things in his Reign as the ruler of Mongolia but what about the life he had before becoming the ruler of Mongolia? He was named “Temujin” in Mongolia in around 1162  he was named after a Tatar chieftain who was his biological father. The young Temujin was a member of the Borjigin tribe and a descendent of Khabul Khan who was the one to unite the Mongols against the jin (chin) dynasty of the north of China in the early 1100s.

When Temajun was 9 his father took him to live with a family, a family of his future bride called Borte. His beloved father died from food poisoning. It was sabotage from the rival tar tar tribe who invited him for a meal that led to his death. After Temajun heard the news, he claimed his father’s spot as clan chief. At 16 temujin he married Borte. Temajun had a child named Jochi with Borte and had 3 more in upcoming years. And many other children with others. But his male son with Borte was the only child that qualified for succession in the family.


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